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Want to find out more about the resources we have used on Below are some useful websites and references.

Title URL
3Rs and potency testing
Alexis Carrel
Alphonse Laveran
AMP - home
AMS report (pdf)
Animal experimentation report
Animal Procedures Committee
Animals Act 1986*/
antivenom research unit
APC cost-benefit review (pdf)
APGAW - Vaccine testing
Armadillo online
Batten disease research
Biocidal Products Directive
bmj article: systematic review
British heart foundation
BSF in vivo report
Camillo Golgi
CDC - HIV pages
Charles Nicolle biography
Charles Richet biography
Clarance Little Collection
CMP - home
Cost-benefit review response
Cystic Fibrosis Database
Decapod biology
Decapod endocrinology
Department of Health memo
Directive 86/606/EEC
Dr Bernard Lown
Ebola & wild apes project
ECBR - home
Emil Von Behring
Environmental Chemistry Group
Environmental Protection Agency
FDA Critical Path
Frederick Banting
Henry Dale,9171,770442,00.html?iid=chix-sphere
HIV vaccine trials network
HIV/AIDS Factsheets http://
Home Office animal-research
Human Genome Project
IMI europa
Influenza Surveillance Network
International Serum Industry Association
Ivan Pavlov
Johannes Fibiger
John Macleod
John Vane autobiography
Koch's search for a TB remedy
Kristin Sherrard
Laboratory Animals Act http://
Mendel's laws of inheritance
Minamata disaster timeline
Mouse genome informatics
MRHA report
MS resource centre
MS society
NABR - home http:// - mouse genome
NC3Rs - acute toxicity testing
NC3Rs on IMI
NCA-nl http://
Netvet Guinea pig pages
Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine
Non-human primate study http://
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Old Animals page on
Old Dolly page on Cloning Dolly the sheep
Old Facts page on
Old Homepage on
Old Lectures page on
Opossum genome project
Oregon primate research center
Otto Loewi
PLoS article - Leishmaniasis
Press release - Mouse Genome
Public health
RDS - 1986 Act
RDS - home
REACH Regulations PDF
Revision of the directive
Robert Koch
Ronald Ross
Roslin Institute: Dolly
Scientific procedures
Sir William Savage Biog
Speaking of Research
Stem cell research
Stem cells in MS animation
systematic review home page
The Duff report
The life of Louis Pasteur
The Norwegian reference centre
The use of GM animals
Toxicity testing report
Translating the 3Rs
Trypanosomiasis/host genomics
UAR: Myths & facts
UK stem cell initiative
Understanding Animal Research
WHO on Malaria
Willem Einthoven
Wooldridge lecture
World Influenza Centre

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